For details of the L5R activities in London, please visit the London Club page here and the tournaments page

Sunday 7th December 2003:

Updated the results and tournaments pages. Thank-you to all of you who came along to yesterday’s tournament – and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Reign of Blood pre-release tomorrow night for those of you who can make it – time for some Bloodspeaker fun. Or some Bloodspeaker slaughtering, if you prefer J


Tuesday 18th November 2003:

Well, I’ve taken over running this webpage from Colm. I’ll try and get things up to date as quickly as possible!

 - Donny


Monday 22nd September 2003:

The London L5R group moves back to South Bank University Students Union after our 6 week hiatus. It's good to be back!


Friday 13th September 2003:

My my, been quiet in L5R circles in the last month. At least the new Europeans website is up. You can visit and register at the address below:



Friday 15th August 2003:

The European Championships 2003 details have finally been confirmed. The dates are Friday 12th December to Sunday 14th December 2003. The venue is Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany. Click the link below to visit the venue website:



The total cost for the entry over the weekend is being quoted as 20 Euros currently. More information will be posted as and when it becomes available.


GenCon report:

Rob Mathews from Team Jade Cat has made a GenCon Indy 2003 report and posted it to Kyuden Holland. You can view the report here:



Wednesday 13th August 2003:

Updated the London Club and tournaments page.


Tuesday 12th August 2003:

Added a rules page for current and future formats that may be used in tournaments. View it here.


Tuesday 5th August 2003:

I've made some changes to the upcoming and registration tournaments pages by integrating them and using a more legible format. In addition to this, I've added a list of the upcoming events being held by the London L5R group.


Monday 4th August 2003:

I have updated the London Club page. The local London Monday meetings will be moving to a new venue from 18th August to 15th September inclusive. You can find a map for directions to this new venue here.


Thursday 31st July 2003:

Another change to this weekend's tournament - it will no longer be Clan Rivals. See Upcoming tournaments.


Wednesday 30th July 2003:

The tournament planned for the Saturday is now on this Sunday at the Windeyer Cafe off Goodge Street. Full details are on this page.


Tuesday 29th July 2003:

I'm back from GenCon 2003 and have posted pictures of the L5R event. Check them out here.


Monday 21st July 2003:

There was an error with the registration page, which I have now fixed. Even so, all the registration e-mails that were sent to me during the period of the error, I received.





Colm McFadden


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